World Chaîne Day

The World Chaîne Day – April 13, 2019


Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Q1    What is the World Chaîne Day?

A1    The World Chaîne Day is the international event for the general public by the world’s oldest and largest gastronomic society la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.


Q2    What is the purpose of the World Chaîne Day?

A2    The purpose of the World Chaîne Day is to highlight the superior know-how, skills and usage of high-quality ingredients of Chaîne restaurants as well as inspiring dining out in general. Additionally, the aim of the Day is to increase awareness of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs organization itself.

 The World Chaîne Day also has a significant role in the mission of the Chaîne to develop the food, beverage and restaurant culture of member countries in cooperation with professionals, amateur food enthusiasts, members, and Chaîne restaurants as well as other interested partners.

Q3    What is a Chaîne restaurant?

A3    Chaîne accredited restaurants are businesses in the hospitality industry which have been granted a Chaîne des Rôtisseurs plaque for the high quality of their food and service.

These restaurants are audited regularly. In order to retain the plaque, specific criteria must be met at all times.

Q4    Where is the World Chaîne Day being celebrated in 2015?

A4     The World Chaîne Day is celebrated across the world on April 23rd. Dining events and associated culinary activities will be held at participating Chaîne restaurants.

The main venue for the event however is the city of Tampere in Finland where the idea for a “Chaîne Day” originated and which coincidentally is approximately half way round the world from the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean.

Q5    Which countries are participating in the World Chaîne Day?

A5    In 2015, Australia, Thailand, Kuwait, Israel, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Tunisia, Monaco, Portugal and Venezuela have already declared their participation. It is anticipated that come September 25th there will be several other countries taking part in what will be the first international version of the Chaîne Day.

 World Chaîne Day events can be organized by all regional Chaîne societies, known as Bailliages. At the moment, the association is active in 80 countries. For example in Finland, the National Bailliage (Chapter) comprises 11 local Bailliages which all are participating in the Day through local Chaîne restaurants and the social media.

Q6    What is happening on World Chaîne Day

A6    For the World Chaîne Day on April 23, food, beverage and restaurant culture related events are being organized in the participating countries. All these events share the common desire to develop the national food, beverage and restaurant culture in cooperation with professionals and enthusiasts.

For example, in Finland all Bailliages are staging different types of events. Chaîne restaurants across the country have special offers, special menus and visiting chefs. The Chaîne will also be present in public venues (such as market places) during the day.

Specifically in Tampere, which is the ‘capital city’ of the 2016 World Chaîne Day, numerous Chaîne promotions will be organized throughout the day around the city. The highlight will be a dinner with a theme gastronomy history.

All World Chaîne Day events in other countries should normally be found on their respective websites.

World Chaîne Day events interconnect through social media postings.

Q7    What is happening around the world on April 23?

A7    The concept of a World Chaîne Day originated from the Finnish members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. The popularity and delivery of the event in 2014 in Finland attracted interest so it was decided to organize it around the world.

On Saturday 23rd April, several Bailliages around the world are organizing at least one World Chaîne Day event. Events and local atmosphere can be shared around the world in social media with posts and video greetings, forming a linked chain between the events of World Chaîne Day.

The central event of 2016 World Chaîne Day is being held in Tampere, Finland, whit open dinner event 

Q8    Where can I find out what is happening in each city on 23rd of April?

A8     All participating Bailliages are encouraged to publish details of events on their respective websites. The international website will summarise the events enabling everyone to learn about World Chaîne Day events in other countries.

In the social media, events can be followed in English using a hashtag #Chaineday. Please note that the English hashtag has letter e!

Q9    What is the significance of the World Chaîne Day internationally?

A9    A Chaîne Day was first celebrated in Finland in 2014. In 2015, the event went international and all Bailliages in the Confrérie can take part across the world from New Zealand to the Cook Islands. in 2016 World Chaîne Day will cover even more countries

On the World Chaîne Day, all participating Bailliages should organize at least one event. Various events will form a chain in the social media using the hashtag #Chaineday.


Q10    What benefit comes from the World Chaîne Day for Chaîne restaurants?

A10    The goal of the World Chaîne Day is to support the business of Chaîne restaurants. The Day will raise awareness of the significance of the Rôtisseurs plaque and the criteria required for it being awarded.

The aim is to increase the recognisability of Chaîne restaurants within the association and among the general public as well as gain attention in traditional and social media outlets by organizing events.

The expansion of the Chaîne Day concept into a global event supports the visibility of the Chaîne brand and Chaîne restaurants. It also raises awareness of the attractions of Chaîne membership especially in the social media.

Q11    What is expected from a participating Chaîne restaurant?

A11    Chaîne restaurants will organize events that best suit them on the event day. For example, this could mean special menus, visiting chefs or student or celebrity cooperation. The more the event is ‘out-of-the-ordinary’, the more publicity the restaurant will receive in the World Chaîne Day marketing / media postings.

During the World Chaîne Day, it is hoped that Chaîne restaurants will especially showcase the Rôtisseurs logo and plaque by taking advantage of the marketing material designed by the association. These materials could include e.g. the Word Chaîne Day logo and internet banner. All social media channels of the participants should be linked with World Chaîne Day communications, thus gaining more visibility and benefits together with other Chaîne restaurants and events.

Q12    How can a restaurant participate in the World Chaîne Day?

A12    The administration of each Bailliage will be in touch with Chaîne restaurants. The idea is to come up with suitable ideas for each business to participate and handle the communications and marketing needed in advance as well as activities for the World Chaîne Day.

Q13    How will the Chaîne support participating restaurants during the Day?

A13    Each Bailliage will decide the level of support independently.

In Finland it has been decided that all Bailliages can support their Chaîne restaurants and establishments with an internet banner, pre-designed flyer, a leaflet explaining the meaning of plaque and roll-ups. Press releases are being sent nationally and locally. In the press releases, the theme of the Day and various events taking place are explained. This way we can maximise media visibility of the significance of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs brand generally and Chaîne restaurants in each city.

From the Chaîne restaurants’ point of view, social media has a significant role before and during the World Chaîne Day. It is good to also remember, that when the World Chaîne Day is over in your country, the events will be followed on the other side of the world and the best ideas may well be used for brainstorming next year’s events.

In Finland, the National Council has promised to support Chaîne restaurants in marketing and communications. For example, by sharing press releases, articles and ideas of the participating businesses on their website and social media channels if needed.

In Finland, Bailliage-specific websites will be created also. Here Chaîne restaurants and other events in each area will be highlighted and linked to social media updates. Members and the general public will be encouraged to be active in events through social media and with media communications.


Q14    What is the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs?

A14    The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is the world’s oldest and largest gastronomic organization. It was established originally in France in 1248. The organization has some 25,000 members in over 80 countries.

Q15    How does the organization work in my country?

A15    Please visit

The organization develops the food, beverage and restaurant culture in cooperation with professionals and enthusiasts as well as encourages the development of professional chefs and wine connoisseurs.

Q16    Who can become a member?

A16    All members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs are active enthusiasts of gastronomy or skilled professionals in the hospitality and related industries.

Members of the associations wear ribbons according to their grade as a professional or non-professional member of the association.

Chaîne restaurants can be awarded a Rôtisseurs plaque after meeting specific criteria.


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